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I love how he pats his hips after like ‘that’s better’

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5 Seconds of Summer 

(1hr. 15min. | 23 tracks)

1. She Looks So Perfect 2. Heartbreak Girl 3. Teenage Dirtbag (cover) 4. Try Hard 5. Beside You 6. Heartache On The Big Screen 7. Out Of My Limit 8. Amnesia (Live) 9. I Miss You (cover) 10. Unpredictable 11. What I Like About You (studio version cover) 12. Superhero (live) 13. She Looks So Perfect Acoustic (studio version) 14. Gotta Get Out (live acoustic) 15. Wherever You Are 16. The Only Reason 17. Too Late 18. Over And Over (live) 19. Bad Dreams (unreleased by Calum Hood) 20. Disconnected 21. Voodoo Doll (live) 22. Jasey Rae (cover) 23. Teenage Dream (cover)

Listen HERE.

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